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  March Past Belfast City Hall

36th Ulster Division march past Belfast City Hall on the 8th May 1915 before heading to England for training and then on to the battle fields of Europe.

In 1915, the Division moved to Seaford, on the Sussex coast of England. This was the first time that many of the men had been outside their native Ireland. Kitchener inspected the Division there on 27 July 1915, and later remarked to Carson "your Division of Ulstermen is the finest I have yet seen"

In October 1915 after several months of preparation in England, men of the 36th Ulster Division sailed across the Channel and began to disembark in France. The soldiers, drawn from all parts of the nine counties of Ulster, had previously trained at Finner Camp in Donegal, Ballykinlar in County Down, and the Clandeboye Estate near Bangor. All were volunteers with an overwhelming majority of them in their late teens and early twenties and, while many perhaps sought adventure and a chance to see some of the world beyond the confines of their own home towns and villages, they believed absolutely that their cause in going to war to free France and Belgium from German oppression and invasion was just and honourable.



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