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36th Ulster Division Memorial Association

Apprentice Boys of Derry

Armagh Unionist Centenary Committee

Confederation of Ulster Bands

Democratic Unionist Party

Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland

Independent Loyal Orange Institution

Progressive Unionist Party

Ulster Volunteer Force Memorial Regimental Band Association.

Somme Association

Ulster Bands Association

Ulster Defence Union 1893

Ulster Unionist Party

West belfast Athletic and Cutural Society

Mission Statement

Set as Ulster is at the north-eastern corner of Ireland, facing Britain across a narrow sea, the characteristics of her people have been moulded by movements, large and small since the dawn of human history. 

As we enter the decade of centenaries which mark her entry on to the stage of world history, the Unionist Centenary Committee (UCC) takes as its Mission Statement the Ulster Covenant, which was the Declaration of Ulster of her right to exist as a free people under God. 

Today we must use this decade to establish in Ulster a cultural consensus, irrespective of political conviction, religion or ethnic origin, using a broader perspective of our past to create a deeper sense of belonging to the country of our ancient British ancestors. 

For this Land of the Cruthin is our Homeland and we are her children.  We have a right to her name and her nationality.  We have a right to belong here, a right to be heard here, a right to be free; free from suspicion, free from violence and free from fear.  We must therefore develop the vision of a new and united Ulster, to which all can give their allegiance, so we may achieve a government of all the people, by all the people, for all the people. For only in the complete expression of our Ulster Identity lies the basis of that genuine peace, stamped with the hallmarks of justice, goodness and truth, which will end at last the war in Ireland.

For we are a Risen People and Liberation is our song

Unionist Centenary Committee

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